This post has been a long time coming but I delayed writing because I have heavy opinions on Motherhood.

Putting aside the fact that I’m heavily opinionated, I’m actually feeling like I can tell Moms how to survive Motherhood. After all, my kids are still alive, all four of them.

Most moms would be too humble to tell other moms how to survive motherhood. But I’m the mom that fought for the title of “Supermom” for 14 years so it only makes sense that after all those years I am now ready to tell other moms how to manage their way through motherhood.

What’s scary about motherhood is the possibility of not being able to have our cake and eat it too. Do you let go of your career? Or do you stay home to raise your kids because you only get one chance in your life to do that.

And giving up one of these can be down right scary.

You see when you are a stay at home mom there is no reward system. There is no announcement that the mom has done a good job. We don’t even know what a good job is.

(As a side note: by my standards, if you have a teenager and they are still alive then you are doing a good job)

I know lots of moms who wish they were home with their kids raising them instead of at a daycare or with a babysitter. But I can definitely see how a woman will choose to go back to work instead of staying home with her kids.

Look at Ivanka Trump. She is driven, hard working, high achiever. She represents all the things that we celebrate in our culture.

Do you know what we do not celebrate? Staying home with kids. There are no official titles or pay scales.

It’s disappointing to women who don’t have kids to watch another woman with a fascinating, fun career leave that career to take care of her kids. It scares the women who don’t have kids.

No one aspires to be the woman who dumps a great career to step out of the spotlight.

So what is the blueprint to follow for surviving motherhood?

Here are my tactics for surviving motherhood:

1.Go back to school to get a PhD

Not because your going to do anything with it but this will serve you with an opportunity to have fascinating conversations with smart people, which is totally lacking in the world of small kids all day long.

OR (and here’s your best option)

2. Start A Lifestyle Business

According to research the majority of women would like to work part-time, not full-time. This is important to know because it means the role model for women will work part-time. We need to stop pretending that women want huge jobs while they are raising kids. This was clearly many years of feminism being rammed down our throats.

I believe that women with a creative outlet have a better chance at maintaining their personal identity and sanity.

When you identify yourself solely as a mom and only devote yourself to motherhood, then what will you do when your children leave the nest?

A lifestyle business can enable you to continue building your skills and value to the marketplace while raising those precious munchkins God gave you.

And what exactly is a lifestyle business?

It’s a business that you can run from the comfort of your home. A business that grows with your family instead of competing with it. It’s a business that requires you to continue to grow and learn new skills while your raising your children at home.

To learn more about how you can start a Lifestyle Business CLICK HERE

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